Welcome to the website of writers Apner-Meij. We have written four novels and eight children’s picture books that are for sale. Books and site are currently only available in Dutch. More information in Dutch (or if you just want to see Wouter’s lovely drawings throughout the site)

Getting curious what we write about? Our novels:

0./3/ – a satire on the financial sector
A huge office filled with thousands of financial office employees. Nobody seems to know what the company is actually producing or why they calculate sequences of numbers called a ‘fluxus’. Jacob is one of the few who understands this fluxus, but he is threatened with dismissal. He has to confront many smoke screens, not only to save his job and the company, but the entire world financial market.

Anna meets her death (Anna en de dood) – Chick lit, vampires and classical music
The story revolves around world-famous soprano Anna. She sings songs by Schubert, and somehow also Odysseus is involved, while she tries to figure out what’s happening in an anonymous city during an endless night filled with dark and mysterious men.

Liling – Fantasy in a feudal Asian setting
Liling is a 16-year old girl, prophesied to bring down the Most Beloved and Most Generous Emperor. She is aided by a silent samurai with unclear intentions and a monk who thinks he’s enlightened but still has to learn the meaning of wisdom. This novel contains 690 pages, filled with backstories, fairy tales and explanations of Eastern philosophy.

Revendaele – Literature about Dutch 50s morale
Set in a typically Dutch 50s suburb called ‘Revendaele’, where the inhabitants still have a very clear sense of morale. This morale is so strong, it is the main character of the novel. But what happens if you don’t fit in? Or if ‘The Community’ think you are a criminal based on nothing other than gossip and slander? Each chapter follows a different inhabitant of ‘Revendaele’.

Wouter & Anne-Marieke